It is a proved fact that the professional steam cleaning gives excellent results on cleaning fabrics. In order to keep those results at least till the next time you would require cleaning of your upholstered furniture or carpets, we strongly recommend a protection solution to be applied.

The Protection detergents we use, give great results against everyday dirt, spills and stains. It forms a protective shield around the fibbers, making them significantly more resistant to damaging and spoiling. The protection solution can be applied either on your newly bought sofas, or on you freshly cleaned ones. It keeps a spieled liquid to stay longer on the top of the fabric and give you more time to react and clean it. On another hand the stains occurred after appliances of protection, have higher chance to be removed with the next professional cleaning.

Except preventing the dirt sticking to the fibers, the protection solution, makes the daily maintenance easier. It is non-allergic, non-toxic, and does not affect the color or the texture of even the finest fabrics.

Our goal is to provide our customers not only with the best prices, but also with the highest quality serves and products. This is the reason why, we have chosen to use the protection solution with the brand of SCHOTCHGARD. This is one of the leading manufacturers of carpet and upholstery cleaning products on the market. The Shotchgard protection reduces permanent stains, saves the mostly used areas and prolongs the life of the upholstery.