Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning of your carpet is really important but not that easy task. In order to keep your carpets in a decent condition, we strongly recommend to get them professionally cleaned at least two times per year. The Steam Cleaning will ensure maximized satisfaction, will reduce any exciting stains and will prolong the life of your carpets. The hot water extraction is irreplaceable process for sanitizing the fabrics and providing safe environment for you and your most beloved people.

Rug Cleaning

Not matter if you own an Oriental, Persian, Indian, Turkish, or some other type of rug, our well trained technicians will find the best solution to clean it, without threaten it from damaging. We realize how price-full can be your beautiful rug, and therefore we will do our best to let you enjoy it as long as possible. The cleaning methods we use are specially designed to provide you with the best results in the terms of sanitizing and protecting the rugs’ texture.

Mattress Cleaning

Having a healthy night sleep is one of the key points for being well rested and productive during the whole day. This is why the importance of putting away all the worries and concerns while resting is so significant. Unfortunately our cosy beds are often turning into a great environment for thousands of mites and bacteria, that might be a real threat for your health, causing breathing problems, eczema or dermatitis. In order to avoid this, the proper maintenance of your mattresses is not only recommendable, but also obligatory. The professional steam cleaning is the service that will provide you with the best results in cleaning and sanitizing your mattresses.

Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

Cleaning of the curtains and blinds in your home is one of the duties you always put off for the next time. With us this is not going to be necessary any more. We will arrive on site and will clean the curtains in your home while still hanging. Our well trained professionals will complete the service in the best possible way, applying the cleaning techniques, most suitable for the specifics of fabric. All the detergents we used are non-allergic and biodegradable, so it will be guaranteed that they would not damage the texture or be harmful for you in any way.