During our long term experience we have developed different cleaning techniques in order to cover the wide range of cleaning services that may satisfy all our customers needs and requirements. We are able to clean, maintain, and protect any type of wood, metal and fabric furniture within your property.

The proper care for your favorite furnitures will prolong its life and will allow you to enjoy its best condition. The most efficient way to keep your beautiful wood, leather, and hard surface furniture looking like new, is to provide a correct care for it. We will arrive straight to your door and complete the cleaning on side. This will avoid the inconvenience caused by the need of transportation, or the possibility the furniture to be damaged in any way when moving it from one place to another.

Please follow below what the Furniture Cleaning service includes:

Step 1: Pre-cleaning – appliance of specialized cleaning products, specially designed to protect the furniture’s surface from eventual damaging;

Step 2: Application of specialized detergents – all the detergents are carefully selected according to the specifics of the item;

Step 3: Post-cleaning – treatment with professional chemicals to polish and protect the surface of the furniture. This step will minimize the accumulation of dirt, dust and other stains.

Following the applied steps will revive your furniture, prolong its life and save you the money spend for buying a new item.